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Aliznet is a key player in the Digital and an e-commerce integrator in the sectors of mass retail, specialty retail, fashion and the luxury market. In addition to defining the omnichannel and digital strategy, we work to digitise processes, and organisations as well as to identify and integrate « Digital » solutions (B2C and B2B devices, mobility, Marketplace, Mobile Apps). The Digital L@b identifies, analyses and recreates thes latest trends and the new digital uses of the French and international markets (smart data, IOT, CSR).


Commitment to our clients is at the core of our business activity. Our mission is to make the digital a major growth driver in your omnichannel strategy. We assist companies of all sizes, with our services and solutions, and help them to fully exploit and efficiently use different digital levers, with chief focus on creating a unique and engaging client experience.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digitisation of processes and organisations
  • Program and project definition and management
  • IT Consultancy
Offre Conseil Digital
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Aliznet is the only provider of ‘fully-integrated’ e-commerce solutions. Aliznet’s teams have in-depth knowledge of the most widely used open source technologies and we are recognised experts in leading e-commerce software, and this whether for consultancy support or for the implementation of complete operational platforms.


  • Roll-out / implementation of software solutions
  • Product Owner Assistance / Project Management Assistance
  • Third Party Software Testing – operational, functional, technical testing
  • AOM (Application Operations and Maintenance / MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition)

Technical know-how

Aliznet is your partner systems integration and consultancy service provider, whether for the implementation of complete e-commerce solutions or for one-time specific needs : systems integration, digital transformation, and project management support.


  • Professional services
  • Marketing services
  • Team management (switchover)
  • Training
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At once a recognised integrator of market solutions and a fully-fledged solutions developer, Aliznet now offers its own exclusive solutions:


  • « Digital » Insight
  • Digital in store
  • CaaS (Commerce as a Service)