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Within its ‘Innovation’ division, Aliznet has been organizing ‘Retail Tours’ for several years to the attention of the leaders of major French and international groups in the world of distribution. Paris, New York, Barcelona, ​​London, Las Vegas… these ‘Retail Tours’ or ‘store visits’ are intended to offer these brands a unique opportunity to take a look at best practices and innovations in Store operations.

The context

The Retail market has become considerably more complex in recent years between price wars, the arrival of new players such as pure players and the multiplicity of customer journeys influenced largely by digital innovations. While one could have imagined the disappearance of brick and mortar stores a few years ago, it has never been so much at the heart of the company strategies, especially in a multi-channel context.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

Companies have understood the need to invest in their store float in order to offer consumers a consistent and integrated customer experience in all their sales channels. Aliznet accompanies executives and their organizations on these Retail Tours to discover, present and propose new concepts and innovations outside their comfort zone in order to better understand their market.
Supervised by a team of industry experts, this live benchmarking exercise is for these top level executives an incomparable life-size opportunity to visualize the fields of possibilities and bring in their own banners the good ideas and trends they’ve witnessed. This is an opportunity to challenge their way of operating their sales areas, their design of the customer experience as well as the performance of their sales force.

Aliznet’s Solution

In every city we visit in France or internationally, our team of experts pays particular attention to the selection of stores. This selection is either a response to a specific need or the fruit of the reflection of our teams, anxious to anticipate the demands of our customers by proposing programs addressing their current or future needs. In all cases, we take into account the innovative and practical nature of the places we visit but also the adequacy with our clients’ preoccupation.



“It’s always interesting to look outside of our own territory. We are most of the time occupied by the daily life of our business and by the day-to-day operations ; it is important to make the effort to get away from it for a time of reflection and inspiration.”

Xavier Biotteau, President of the Eram Group


“The ‘Retail Tour’ organized by Aliznet group with a pre-established program was the way to discover the city, these new concepts and to exchange on visits… During this Retail Tour, I noted some ideas that can be operationally applicable in our company, as well as good practices and counter-examples were also great learnings.”

Christian Pimont, President of the FEH and the Alliance du Commerce


“We gave a feedback and discussed the retail tour learning during our Board meeting. I think that may have influenced a number of decisions on the field.”

Pierre Mestre, CEO of the Orchestra-Prémaman Group