Sector Specialist Retail

The Context

Specialist retail or large surface retail is a generic term which refers to the big retail chains specialising in sales of specific products such as furnishings, multimedia, sports equipment, items for recreational activities and DIY (excluding fashion).
2015 was a particularly propitious year for the furnishings industry with a growth of 2.4% for a turnover of 9.34 billion euros, inclusive of taxes. Sales in household goods, large and small domestic appliances, telecoms, consumer electronics, photography, and microcomputing reached, for their part, 2.8 billion euros, i.e. an increase of 4.8%.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The challenges

In order to adapt to changes in demand, players in the industry need to be extremely proficient in inventory management and have an in-depth understanding of how to constantly improve customer services. But the real challenges in specialist retail today are first and foremost to have a command of the omnichannel experience, to manage growing pricing pressure and the reconfiguration of the products/services offer.
With more than 1 in 5 euros spent on the Internet on household goods, e-commerce represents a real growth driver for the industry.

Aliznet’s service provision

With extensive expertise in the sector, the Aliznet group supports its clients in specialist retail in their transformation projects:

  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • E-commerce solutions
  • In-store inventory and distribution networks management
  • Optimisation of warehouses
  • RFID
  • Optimisation of customer services
  • Sales Force training
  • Optimisation of customer points of contact
  • Customer itinerary instore
  • Checkout
  • Processes overhaul (transition of organisations to digital)
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