Sector Mass Retail

The Context

The retailer’s activity is the last link in the distribution chain which consists of selling the final product to the general public. Global revenue generated in the sector amounts to 492.2 billion euros. In recent years, retail’s e-commerce branch has enjoyed increased growth (2014 being 14.3% up on 2015).

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The Challenges

In recent years, in response to evermore connected consumers, companies have had to introduce purchasing processes integrating retail spaces (in-store, on the Internet, or on mobile devices). They have achieved this by offering a complete range of products, together with an enhanced client experience, and underpinned by harmonised information systems and a revised training program for the sales force. This is known as omnichannel delivery. In addition, companies in the sector have been required to rethink their strategies in order to meet client expectations in terms of sustainable development. Similarly, these companies have had to implement procedures aimed at reducing their supply-chain costs, while guaranteeing improved inventory management and better ‘last kilometer’ urban logistics management of their supplies.

Aliznet’s Service Provision

With extensive expertise in the sector, the Aliznet group supports its clients in their transformation projects:

  • Checkout
  • Rationalisation of supply chain and inventory
  • Optimisation of client experience in-store
  • Optimisation of client contact points
  • Requirements assessment and cross-channel development strategy
  • E-commerce platform 3.0
  • Sales Force Training
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