Business Case A television services operator

The Context

Launched in 2012, the new website of the client’s 5 international branches – an on-demand television services operator – was not giving satisfaction, chiefly for purchases of on-demand programs.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

To identify the necessary changes and to deploy a mobile and tablet version of the sites of the 5 areas in question.

Aliznet’s Solution

The initial request for assistance in strategic thinking modulated over the following months into operational support of the teams on the aggregate of their tools and digital services. The project was conducted in 5 major phases:


  1. Project definition and analysis of the current situation
  2. Definition and validation of the target solution
  3. Choice of the solution and of service providers
  4. Piloting and project follow-up
  5. Production launch
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

The mission resulted in a successful long-term support follow-up, from the digital division to the provision of content and programs on existing digital supports in trading areas covered by the clients. The recommendation of a comprehensive solution was endorsed by the teams and made it possible to commit to the implementation of the project in collaboration with the various bodies in question of the Group.