Business Case Recreation & Culture

The context

Against a background of a plethora of operator offers, the client – a specialist distributor in recreation and culture – wanted to offer his own telephone services by capitalising on subscriber profiles that were typically ‘technophile’ and ‘family’.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

The client’s request was to find a solution (products/service) and a partner to launch the new offer.

Aliznet’s Solution

The mission was completed around 3 key areas of focus:

  1. Strategic planning to analyse the group’s positioning

  2. Defining of the offer and project validation with the partner (leading operator in the market)

  3. Operational roll-out of the offer following negotiations with the partner:

    • Defining the content of a telecoms offer
    • Marketing mix
    • Sales Force training
    • Logistics management (delivery of SIM cards, printing of contracts, invoicing, management of the ‘loyalty’ program
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

Negotiations with a major partner, supplier to the group, made it possible to redefine the issues at stake and the objectives of ‘telephony’ in the group’s strategy Preparing 60 of the group’s stores for a new product launch was the occasion to train sales professionals in a telephony offer specific to the group.

Download the business case (PDF)