Business Case Fnac

The context

To address the issue of increasing competition from pure players like Amazon, and a contraction in traditional markets (records, videos), Fnac operates a number of strategic strands : internationalisation, diversification, lowering costs, multichannel at all levels to offer customers maximum possible interaction between stores and strategic web-based operations.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

In order to support its in-house development and project management teams, Fnac needs skilled developers in the Oracle Retail suite and more generally in Oracle data bases, and needs, too, operational consultants in order to meet project needs and those of upgradeable and corrective MAT technology.

Aliznet’s Solution

To recommend suitable and experienced staff, able to easily fit into the in-house teams, in order to support them on functional and technical design, drafting of detailed functional and technical specifications, developments, revenue, roll-out.

L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

  • Upgradeable and corrective MAT solutions delivered to deadline.
  • Turnover flow to SAP, interfacing between Oracle Retail and Back Office web site, sets of calculations of inventory depreciation, orders despatch to suppliers by email, introduction of a single referencing tool (MDM), and of a tool for placing orders related to Oracle Retail.
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