Business Case Car Parts

The context

The client – a specialist distributor in car parts – noticed a fall in sales in his flagship product, tyres, due to the arrival on the market of 100% digital ‘pure players’. The directors of the car centres (50% franchised) often mentioned cases of customers coming into their shops to ask for free fitting of tyres bought more cheaply online.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

In order to deal with this new form of competition, the client solicited the services of Aliznet in order to design the features of the brand’s e-commerce site, and that in a fraught economic context with franchisees extremely worried about cannibalisation of their sales.

Aliznet’s Solution

The process set-up was conducted in four main stages:

  1. Benchmark of the market of tyre sales, online and off

  2. Analysis of sales in car centres (particularly with franchisees)

  3. Management of marketing for the project and delimiting its cost implications

    • Establishment and validation of a commissions system (Internet/store)
    • Drawing up of a business plan and sceanrios for its roll-out
    • Choice of product families to be listed
    • Set-up of a logistical e-commerce solution (free delivery in the car centre, paid for from home, after-sales service and returns)

  4. Piloting the project on different sites (IS, marketing, sales, HR and logistics)
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

The e-commerce site was launched in less than a year and offered 50% of the product range available in the car centres. The franchisees were paid as parts were fitted (mainly tyres) and additional sales were made by the customers on collection of their purchases instore.

Download the business case (PDF)