Business Case Auchan

The Context

The Auchan Group is one of the leaders in French mass retail with a turnover of 54.2 billion euros. It employs 337,836 staff and has 3,836 hypermarkets and local stores under the Auchan banner in 16 countries.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

The Auchan Group wanted to measure the advisability of changing its check-out systems in Auchan stores in France and internationally. Our mission was to help Auchan to quickly :


  • Determine its target needs (international)

  • To understand the current and future potential of existing check-out solutions

  • To arbitrate the change in solution

  • To assist, if necessary, in the choice of solution.

Aliznet’s Solution

  1.  Identification and validation of key points (issues at stake, business model, practises)
  2.  Snapshot analysis focusing on the key points

  3. Global review of solutions developers (qualification in the light of the key points)

  4. Validation of the advisability ‘of changing’ and take-up by every Auchan country

  5. Detailed definition of the main target needs (multichannel, international…)

  6. Choice of the solution
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

The mission resulted in the choice of a developer (absent in the French market but rapidly growing) and of an innovative solution validated by every country (technical expertise and ISD) Federation of business divisions and ISD of several countries with very different market and IS contexts.

Download the business case (PDF)