Case Study



The context

Akeneo is an open source product information management (PIM) tool created for companies looking for effective solutions to manage their multichannel distribution issues.

Using a multichannel solution multiplies the points of contact with customers. As a result, it has become very difficult for online businesses to ensure the overall consistency of product data.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

Akeneo called in Aliznet to integrate an Akeneo PIM solution into IBM Commerce’s Websphere Commerce solution. The need was for a product management system to centralize and distribute data from a single source across multiple distribution channels.

Aliznet’s Solution

As an IBM solution integrator, Aliznet implemented a 7-part implementation plan after a thorough analysis to integrate Akeneo and IBM Websphere Commerce PIM solutions to ultimately enable any merchant to:

  1. Integrate a single product repository for all channels
  2. Referencing all essential data from a product catalog to a Product Information Management (PIM)
  3. Build a product reference framework adapted to the problems of each and the stakes of all the sales channels
  4. To adapt this information to specific needs of certain channels, in particular on the choice of content variants
  5. Create a connector to integrate solutions for product management, online marketing and transactions
  6. Provide this multitude of channels with relevant and up-to-date information.
  7. Broadcast the offer across all digital channels


Akénéo Plugin Documentation for IBM Commerce (PDF)

L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

This solution is a turnkey integration of Akeneo on IBM Commerce.

Akeneo now responds to a need to centralize all the technical and marketing information of online merchants’ product catalogues. They can now, enrich and distribute their catalog directly on their IBM Commerce site or through marketplaces and all external channels.

Download the business case (PDF)