Innovation Seminars & Workshops

Within the monitoring unit of our Innovation Pole, our experts support retail businesses on a strategy level through management seminars and on an operational level through workshops destined to field management teams.



They are the opportunity for managers to launch discussions about new strategic orientation, assess previous choices, rethink the offers or the company’s position, explore new business ideas, readjust strategy facing environmental or company evolution…

Our teams look after everything: content and logistics (reflection bases, reports, agenda, moderation, venue booking, etc.), so managers can concentrate on both their qualitative and quantitative goals during the seminar.


Keeping up with the latest trends and finding the best way to implement strategic decisions made at the company’s highest level in the field. Whatever your initial issues are, Aliznet’s team supports you through sequential reflection and staging processes to bring tailor made topic and methodology solutions.


‘Being supported by retail specialists guarantees that we understand our challenges and that we get advice based on our sector’s best practice.’

E.G. Head of Marketing