Innovation R.E.D by Aliznet

R.E.D. By Aliznet (Retail Executive Dinner by Aliznet) is an organized evening meal in exclusive surroundings accessible to a small circle of managers of the retail world hosted by experts in the sector on a given topic.

The Network

R.E.D. by Aliznet is a special opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow workers about common topics and to stay in touch with other decision makers in your sector.

It is also the opportunity for our experts to exclusively share study results, feedback and preview insights on the sector.

The format

As well as being a great network, R.E.D. By Aliznet is also an opportunity to share a gourmet meal in pleasant surroundings. R.E.D. By Aliznet takes place around one or several Aliznet experts’ presentations on a given topic. These presentations give way to meaningful conversations between decision makers.