Innovation  l@b by aliznet

The L@b is an internal research and development pole which offers retail sector companies trade oriented IS, ready to use in operational status digital solutions: e-commerce modules, mobile applications, automation solutions, api…


Aliznet’s solution

Through our monitoring activity and field observation, our development teams design prototypes using Agile to optimize the entire strategic process and improve our clients’ performance. Once we have tested these new tools, we make them available to our clients in SaaS mode (Software as a Service),

Our publishing pole answers our clients’ needs and is also a visible result of our commitment to an innovation policy representing 16% of our turnover.

Les résultats

the results

Some of our solutions to date have been implemented with reputable distributors:

  • Aliz Project : Project planning and management tool.
  • Aliz Sourcing : Communication platform for procurement projects.
  • Aliz Optim : Operational management tool range.
  • Aliz Freight Charge Simulator : Forwarding costs simulation tool.
  • Aliz Surface :Mobile field capacity management simulation tool.
  • Aliz Delivery Meeting :Order delivery management tool.
  • Aliz Supplier Portal : Secured exchange portal for suppliers’/partners’ information.