Innovation Caas

Commerce as a Service (CaaS) offers companies a simple and efficient way to boost their on-line activity, whatever their size. It integrates a market leading e-commerce solution, resting on simple and transparent pricing, based on commercial performance.

Le besoin

The challenges

Localization, adapting the offer, payment methods, currency management, logistics circuit evolution … redesigning an e-commerce site requires high levels of resources and mobilizes technical means and professions for durations which are sometimes poorly managed.

Aliznet’s solution

To support our retail clients through their transformation, Aliznet has chosen IBM WebSphere Commerce as a foundation for CaaS. A solution known to be one of the most efficient on the market, with a park of more than 1,500 references installed. This solution is suitable for either a simple on-line shop, or setting up a multi-channel e-commerce platform integrated in the existing flows of an information system.



’We needed to rapidly deploy a new site to establish our business in Japan. With Aliznet’s CaaS, we did it in less than three months. We would never have done it with our previous solution’.

P.J. – Head of ERP

‘We wanted to integrate more personalization into our site and our e-commerce platform was limited. WebSphere Commerce solution integrated into the CaaS gives us practically unlimited possibilities’.

P.A. M – E-commerce Project Manager

‘One of the difficulties in our business, is managing sales peak periods. Caas Aliznet offers us infrastructure on demand with the cloud mode. As a result, we no longer light candles before each sales period!’

J.B.- Traffic Manager

Video : Commerce as a service