Expertise Supply chain

The Context

Supply chain management covers all jobs and positions related to the physical movement of merchandise. We generally associate with it the processes and data generated by this movement, from supplier, transporter, warehouse stock and in-store inventory management, and the availability of stock on the shelves, through to client as end-user. Since all of these operations are subject to operational and administrative constraints that can vary from one activity to another, they must be closely monitored and conform to particular codes of practice which would minimise risk and costs at every stage.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The challenges

One of the major challenges of retail companies is to succeed in implementing appropriate processes which will guarantee optimum free-flow across all merchandise movement in order to boost productivity and promote flexibility. For example, good supplier and supply chain management can make it possible to reduce stock and delivery times. With the advent of e-commerce and mobile commerce, new challenges have sprung up over these last few years. The issue for companies now is how to reduce duplication to maximum effect and how to streamline processes between the different channels.

Aliznet’s service provision

Our role is to support our clients in order to optimise the aggregate of their processes, practices and logistical organisation:

  • Provisioning / reprovisioning
  • Stock and distribution network management
  • Costs reduction
  • Warehouse management
  • Transport Management
  • Service rates (stores / clients)
  • RFID
L'offre Aliznet