Expertise Sales

The Context

The sales function is that which is the most closely linked with the client within the company. It presupposes the best possible relationship with the latter. In France, the retail sector accounts for almost 3 million jobs. It includes many and varied business lines from the general retail market to stores specialising in distance selling or even in B to B sales.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The challenges

In a fiercely competitive environment, brand names must be continually engaged in the business of winning over new clients – but also in that of continuing to build existing customer loyalty. With the economic crisis and the advent of new, dematerialised distribution channels, trends in the ways we consume have drastically changed in just a few years. Brand names have been forced to implement new strategies in order to remain attractive and to continue selling, both in their traditional distribution channels and through the medium of e-commerce and mobile commerce. Today, the trend is very much in the direction of a dovetailing of these different channels – it is what is called the omnichannel strategy. The implication of this is that a better understanding of consumer behaviour is required, as is a change in business areas within sales.

Aliznet’s service provision

Our role is to support our clients in order to optimise the aggregate of their processes, practices and sales organisation:


  • Animation of the sales forces
  • In-house Processes and practices (omnichannel provision)
  • In-store transactions
  • Payment points
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