Expertise Procurement

The Context

The Procurement function is tasked with building (omnichannel) ranges and with supplying products in optimum conditions (costs, delivery dates, etc.). The purchaser’s role is primarily to select suppliers and products in accordance with the specifications ; to negociate, with best possible outcome, the necessary quantities at the best price and quality, and delivered at the requested time.

Le contexte

The challenges

In a highly competitive environment undergoing constant change, Procurement is retail companies’ strategic arm as it constitutes a large part of their expenditure. Thus the challenge faced by these companies is to find the best solution in order to rationalise costs, minimise supplier risk and, indeed, optimise provision.

Aliznet’s service Provision 

Our role is to support our clients in order to optimise the aggregate of their processes, practices and procurement strategies :


  • Procurement strategy
  • Budget Management
  • Collection / range strategy
  • Referencing
  • Pricing & promotions
  • Global sourcing (near shore)
  • Procurement / Bargaining
  • Product development
  • Management of product life cycle
  • Non-commercial products and Services
  • Procurement Strategy
L'offre Aliznet