Expertise Finance

The Context

Companies are permanently working within the constraints of numerous incoming and outgoing cash flows, whether these come from suppliers, service providers, companies or internal departments, staff or clients. By the same token, the demands of investors and executive management allied with the competitiveness of the market place put the question of finance centre stage in terms of companies’ profitability.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The Challenges

Retail is an environment in a constant state of flux (taxes, legislation, accountancy regulations, the economic context, etc.), and in the face of this cash flows can give rise to huge losses for the company if these are not properly managed. Conversely, significant savings can be made when the company has a sound grasp of financial systems and of the new digital solutions that are available.

Aliznet’s Service Provision

Our role is to support our clients in order to optimise the aggregate of their processes, practices, organisations and tools:


  • Customer accounts/supplier
  • Management control/ KPI & reporting
  • Regulatory affairs / compliance
  • Auditing and procedures
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