Expertise Digital

The Context

In just a few years, we have shifted from an almost entirely physical economy to increasingly digitised services. The digital or digitised age has revolutionized our purchasing and consumer habits – and for companies, their way of sourcing supplies, of making themselves known, of selling.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The challenges

Big data, dematerialisation, the cloud, SaaS-Caas-IaaS, tablet, smartphone, social networks, multi- and omnichannel strategies … in the space of just a few years these concepts have become an integral part of our daily lives. In the retail world, they have become indispensable. Companies have been forced to rethink their strategy in order to integrate these Internet- and mobile environment-born new information and communication technologies.

The arrival of new entrants dubbed ‘disruptive’ on the traditional markets, together with a sea change in consumer buying trends linked with these technologies, have had as effect that traditional brands and retailers must rethink their provisioning, marketing and communications strategy.

Aliznet’s service provision

Our role is to support our clients in order to optimise the aggregate of their processes, practices, organisations and digital tools:


  • E-commerce solutions
  • « Omnichannel » devices
  • Digital in store
  • Web to store
  • Mobility
  • Market Place
  • CaaS (Commerce As a Service)
  • Brand portal / retail names (CMS…)
  • Mobile Apps
  • RFID
  • Data marketing (DMP, MSP, analytics)
L'offre Aliznet