Aliznet About

Born through a merger of Realiz Conseil, Netik and Barthel & Schunck Consulting, Aliznet draws on more than 20 years of experience in the distribution sector.

Who are we?

Aliznet is an independent consulting firm based in the Retail sector, specializing in the definition and support of Business, Digital and IS transformation projects.

Our tailor-made approaches and solutions are based on continuous market monitoring, a solid experience and a pragmatism recognized in the sector.

Our customers benefit from this expertise combined with a real proximity of the teams to design and implement solutions optimizing their investments.

Bureaux Aliznet Paris
timelineLogo Realiz


Creation of
Réaliz Consulting

timelineLogo Netik


Opening of offices
in Rabat and Laval

timelineLogo Aliznet


Réaliz merges with Netik
to form AlizNet Group

timelineLogo Barthel & Schunck


Barthel and Schunck

timelineLogo Aliznet


AlizNet acquires
new graphic identity

Timeline End


Opening a
Montreal office

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Our Directors

Portrait Patrick Pechier

Patrick Pechier

A computer engineer by training, he joined the IT departments of large groups in the distribution industry, such as Vivarte and Galeries Lafayette. In 2005, he created Réaliz Conseil, before merging with Netik in 2013 to give birth to Aliznet.

Arnaud Naccache Managing Director & Senior Partner

After a journey in communication agencies such as Ogilvy Interactive, he co-founded Netik in 2004. Which merged in 2013 with Realiz Conseil to create Aliznet, of which he now runs the digital department.
Portrait Arnaud Naccache
Portrait Richard Charmasson

Richard Charmasson
Senior Partner & Head of the Consulting Department

After having held executive positions with strong responsibilities in the world of distribution, he joined the company Realiz at his creation before becoming Aliznet in 2013. He is in charge today of the business consulting and IT departments within Aliznet.

Fabrice Frassaint
Senior Partner

A computer engineer graduated from Télécom Sud Paris, he founded Netik with Arnaud Naccache. When the company moved closer to Realiz Conseil to give birth to Aliznet, he later became the technical director of the digital department.
Portrait Fabrice Fraissaint