Services Innovation

Inside the company Aliznet, the innovation unit incorporates business development monitoring and a L@B. Our business information gathering identifies new trends and practices in the sector, in particular through our ‘Retail Tours’. The L@b, in liaison with the monitoring unit and together with our clients and partners, tests out innovative solutions. The L@b also develops turnkey solutions for its clients (accelerators).

Business Innovation

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  • Retail Tours

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Offre Innovation Métier
Offre Innovation SI

SI Innovation

Inside our laboratory, our experts develop and work out internally made-to-measure solutions to meet the specific requirements of the sector, or those requested by our clients.


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  • Aliz Software Programs (Project, Optim, Sourcing, Surface, Delivery Meeting)
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Digital Innovation

At once recognised integrator of market solutions and solutions developer in its own right, Aliznet now offers its own exclusive solutions:


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  • CaaS (Commerce as a Service)
Offre Innovation Digitale

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