Sector Fashion

The context

The fashion sector generally includes an array of products from clothing and textiles to shoes and other accessories (with growing importance on shoes and accessories in some textile specialist businesses). A distinction is to be made between luxury products and high-end fashion on the one hand, and everyday ready-to-wear, on the other. In France, the fashion industry employs 1.3 billion people and in 2015 had a turnover of 34 billion euros.

Le contexte
Les enjeux

The challenges

The fashion market is becoming more and more cyclical. In 2015, 42% of purchases were made during promotional periods or during the sales. Companies in the sector have been required to make efforts to restructure their central buying points, to optimise their merchandise mix and collections, to rationalise costs, and better anticipate budgets and forecast sales. In addition, as online purchasing increased 8-fold between 2006 and 2015, stimulated in particular by new entrants, the longstanding players must now rethink their multichannel strategy to ensure their continued growth and to better adapt themselves to new consumer buying behaviour.

Aliznet’s service provision

With extensive expertise in the sector, the Aliznet group supports its clients in their transformation projects:

  • Collection management
  • Management of merchandise mix (segmentation)
  • Replenishment strategy
  • Procurement budget
  • Referencing
  • Stock replenishment
  • Sales forecast
  • ‘Omnichannel’ strategy
  • Optimisation of the supply chain
  • Sales Force Training
  • Digitisation of retail space
  • Customer itinerary
  • PR
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