Business Case Syrinxpan

The context

Syrinxpan is a group with around twenty stores in Paris and the environs (brand name O Marché Frais, mainly, and going under other banner names), specialising in fresh produce (in particuar with a very wide choice of fruit and vegetables) and the destocking of major branded products (short sell-by dates, change of packaging).

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

Despite its expansion (300 billion turnover), the client was still working with the same processes and tools used 15 years previously when it had only a few stores: there was no holistic vision of turnover, no tool for exchanging information between central purchasing units and stores, no tool for the central unit apart from an Access database, no in-store inventory management.

Aliznet’s Solution

  • Analysis of processes and of existing tools
  • Defining of target processes
  • Search for appropriate operational tool to fit target processes and business needs
  • Piloting of the project set-up for the new processes and tools : Meti for the central purchasing unit and the Store back office, and Symag for check-out system
  • Takings
  • Roll-out in the central unit and in the different stores
  • User assistance /help desk
  • Introduction of additional processes and tools to guarantee continuous improvement
  • Knowledge transfer to in-house teat
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

  • Optimisation of procurement
  • Vision of turnover, inventory and margin shared between the central unit, stores and management Vision CA, stock et marge partagée entre Centrale, Magasins et la Direction
  • Processes streamlining to bolster their consistency from one store to the next
  • Shrinkage tracking
  • Introduction of reliable processes and tools enabling support for the group’s growth and the accounting and taxation requirements resulting from it
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