Business Case Millésima

The context

Millésima, created in 1983, is a wine merchant dealing in clarets and specialising in direct sales to private individuals. With a global reach, the company today has 80,000 clients spread across a hundred or so countries, and has a turnover of 30 million euros. Always at the cutting edge of innovation, the company opened its first e-commerce platform in 2000.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

In the wake of market globalisation, a very demanding, new clientele, has come into being. At the same time, the prices of Bordeaux wines have inceased. The emergence of this luxury niche market has made it necessary to rethink multichannel marketing. The open-source solution, inflexible as it was, was limiting international development, posing a problem for finding new customers, and restricting product marketing.

Aliznet’s Solution

With an eye to meeting Millésima’s need, Aliznet’s CaaS (Commerce as a Service) offer was set up. This is a unique offer in Europe which makes available a suite of market-leading solutions in the cloud, such as Websphere Commerce, Digital Marketing Optimization and Marketing Center.

L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

Aliznet’s expertise in e-commerce and specialised marketing made it possible to support Millésima in its growth and transformation strategy. The reliable and responsive e-commerce platform has made it possible to calmly handle peaks in business activity (1 million euros turnover per day). The ‘Time to Market’ of the new sites has been halved, thus making it possible to deploy internationally in only a few weeks 17 sites equipped with precision marketing tools. As a result, Millesima can now analyse its customers’ behaviour and browsing habits, segment its supply/demand and directly contact its customers by sms and email.

Video: Millésima

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