Business Case Groupe Yves Rocher

The context

Stanhome et Kiotis are two brand names of the Yves Rocher Group specialising in home care products, beauty and well-being. Located in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela, they rely on direct selling with a global network of 200,000 door-to-door sales people.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

Aware of new buying patterns affecting their sectors, the two brand names have had to rethink their economic model with an eye to conquering new territories. So, when these brands made the decision to shift their focus towards digital, they engaged Aliznet as the most flexible and proficient partner to support and guide them through their digital transformation.

Aliznet’s Solution

Aliznet’s teams have striven to offer a fair and balanced view, with a vision at once pragmatic, strategic and operational, and always mindful of all the issues associated with this transformation. The adopted solution focused on the creation of an e-boutique and the provision of digital sales tools. A complicated exercise initially, because the functionalities of the adopted solution had to be preserved, whilst at the same time adapting them to Stanhome and Kiotis’s new economic model.

L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

The process put in place has made it possible for the two brand names to quickly build the first e-commerce bricks. The ambassador-sales people are now in a position to increase their knowledge of their customer base, interact with them, and provide them with online advice. Finally, due to this successful transformation, Stanhome and Kiotis can now expand their potential customer base. A real opportunity for growth ! Aliznet’s technological expertise and know-how have made it possible to overcome all the obstacles, particularly ones based on a range of solutions in several languages. Following the launch of the French site, other sites were deployed during the year in Europe and in South America.

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