Business Case Bréal

The context

Bréal is one of the brand names of the textiles group Beaumanoir, targeting a female clientele, and positioning itself on the medium segment of the market with 339 stores in France and 4 stores abroad.

Le contexte
Le besoin

The need

The brand asked us to support it in the optimisation of the product offer (construction, breadth, depth, speed) and the collections cycle, as well as processes, practices and the brand’s organisation. At the same time, the challenge to be met was to unify the specialist areas (Procurement, Design, Maketing, Supply Chain)

Aliznet’s Solution

Aliznet’s method was based on the redefinition of the Executive’s vision, on the brand’s DNA, on the unification of the Comex (seminar) and then teams (cross-functional workshops) – in four stages:

  1. Diagnosis and sharing
  2. Defining the target business area : vision, issues
  3. Revision of processes (construction of collection, development), practices (design, actua, replenishment), of the organisation and of governance
  4. Roll-out and support and guidance through change
L'offre Aliznet
Les résultats

The results

The process which was adopted resulted in four key aspects:


  1. Offer reviewLa refonte de l’offre
  2. Reworking of the collection construction processLa refonte du processus de construction de collection
  3. Increase in collections speed
  4. Unification of services (design, procurement, marketing, merchandising, supply chain)

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